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Juan's Memory with TMDLAB

2019 December 20th, group white elephant gift exchange. No one expect that the campus would be shut down later.

2020 December 18th, group white elephant gift exchange

2020 August 12th, group lunch together for our undergraduates' great summer projects. 

2020 October 30th, Ed and girls of TMDLAB

Fowever, cheerful Juan stays with us~

2019 October 30th, welcome lunch for joining of Juan, Allen and Nicole

2020 October 23rd, the hardest time of covid-19 shutdown finally over

2021 Jun 11th, celebration for the Nature paper. Juan spent the whole winter holiday for the stability test. 

2021 October, Juan on travel. Photogrpahed by Dr. Ma in Yellow Stone. 

2021 November 2nd, Prof. Taylor gave Juan our best wishes