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Jaemin's CO2 doping paper is accepted by Nature and online today

Jun 02, 2021

Let's congratulate Jemin‘s paper "CO2 doping of organic interlayers for
perovskite solar cells" got pulished on Nature

Jaemin first found the color change of Spiro solution in the stompshere when working on the tape-peeling solar cell. It was the autumn of 2017. He didn't take it as "unknown decomospiton" and investigated this

phenomenon in depth. Out of surprise, it was due to CO2 rather than O2. Jaemin further expand the CO2 doping methods to various systems, proving the unversality of this doping method. Finally, after 4 years hard work, this project turned out to be a huge discovery. 

Nature News thinks highly of this work. Commented by Dr. Jianfeng Lu, "Organic semiconductors used in a promising class of solar cell are processed in a ‘doping’ step to improve the transport of charge carriers. A fast doping method has been developed that might enable mass production of these cells."